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How I Became A Professional Photographer

Ever since I was just a kid, I only wanted to be one of two things: 1. A Full-Time Firefighter, or 2. A History teacher.  My life however, took a very strange path that jumped from carpentry, to personal training, to managing a record store, to graduating school for business, and finally joining the military. I obviously missed the mark a bit.  Here's how I wound up finding, and falling in love with, photography.

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21 Tips for Sharpness – How To Hit The Sweet Spot

It’s not often that photographers aim to have an out of focus shot.  Yes it can be done tastefully, particularly in artistic contexts, but by and large we aim for the sharpest shots we can get.  Here are 21 tips to help you nail the focus and get tack sharp shots every time.

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Shooting Winter Engagement Photos

Shooting on completely overcast days can be absolutely brutal.  Sure your subjects won't be squinting, but they'll have no contrast in shadows and look flat.  With engagement photos you don't want flat and boring, you want punch and contrast!  This week's blog post walks through one method of overcoming the overcast, and getting great shots through those gray clouds.

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