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The Sharpness Myth

"The story is always king."  That one sentence changed so many things in my perspective on photography.  It was a quick statement in a video I watched, but it hit me like a truck.  Why?  Because the message rings true to almost every element of photography and video.  So today I'm going to talk about how sharpness really doesn't matter as much as you probably think.

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How to Shoot Sharp Handheld Photos with Low Shutter Speeds

The reality of life is that there are going to be times where a tripod isn't an option and you have to go handheld.  I know, I know, it's brutal and unfair; you're tired of raising a fist to the sky, cursing the sun for setting.  I totally get it.  So what can you do?   Today's blog post suggests a few techniques you can use to still get the sharpest shots you possibly can.

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