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What's In My Deployment Camera Bag

Everyone's always asking, "What's in your bag?" when it comes to weddings, but from time to time I get asked how it's different when I'm deploying with the Canadian Armed Forces.  My answer is usually, "As much value in as little space as I can."  Well as it turns out I'm flying out for a short bit in a couple of weeks, so let's talk about what I've got packed!

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The Basics of Using Speedlights

Here's a post for the people who own a Speedlight but have no clue how to use it.  This is the post I wish I had when I first got into using flash.  Instead I was the idiot who spent two years using TTL or straight-up guessing.  Don't be like I was.  Read this post.  It's way better than reading the manual, and it covers probably 90% of what you need to know to understand your flash!

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