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Show and Tell - Hidden Curriculum & Rethinking Childhood

As a photographer, and as a parent, it’s sometimes difficult to form an opinion on what to do with technology and raising our kids. On one hand their generation will have an entirely different relationship to mine, but on the other hand do we know enough of the potential cost? Here’s a look at a bit of my recent introspective struggle in a course I’ve been taking.

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7 Tips on How to Photograph Children

They're the easiest subjects to take photos of when you've got a connection with them, but they can also be the hardest to manage to get a great photo of.  Here are a few tips and techniques to both manage your approach, manage your results, and manage your mini muse.

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Little Glimpses from Low Angles

I'm asked often about which photographers inspire my style and work, so this one is about the most inspirational photographer for my own photography growth.  He's a developing photographer, and an avid enthusiast who teaches me more than he'll ever know by reminding me about what I lost track of on my road to where I am today.

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