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The Beaches of Normandy and Dieppe

I was sent to France two weeks ago to support a number of events, namely the events surrounding the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, and a series of interments of recently identified WWI Canadian remains.  While I’ve been to France before, and walked through the graves of Canadian soldiers, it never quite sunk-in in the same way.  Here's a post about that trip.

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Keeping It Fun

Photography can be one of the most amazing and fulfilling jobs on the planet.  You get to travel all over, work with incredible people, and capture moments that will last beyond your lifetime.  But the reality of a career in the field can sometimes be really taxing, and even kill the passion.  Here's a short blog post on some of the ways I've found to keep it interesting, challenging, and fun.

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How Your Camera Kills Your Creativity

Your camera is a jerk.  Seriously, if your camera was a person it would be incredibly smart and capable. It would follow your lead, support you, and give you instant reliable feedback no matter how you treated it. Here's the thing though: your camera would mislead and outright lie to you every chance it gets.  But it's not your camera's fault, it was born that way.  Here's how you adapt and overcome.

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