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7 Tips on How to Photograph Children

They're the easiest subjects to take photos of when you've got a connection with them, but they can also be the hardest to manage to get a great photo of.  Here are a few tips and techniques to both manage your approach, manage your results, and manage your mini muse.

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How to Choose Your First DSLR

Buying a DSLR can be a particularly daunting decision for anyone who has never used one before.  The features can be foreign to many beginners, and the costs can quickly add up when you factor in all of the accessories you may need.  This week's post walks you through how to make the decision as to what to choose, and gives some tips to save you some money when you're buying your first DSLR.

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The Basics of DSLR and Photography

So you own a camera… what now?  If you have a DSLR, or a camera with manual control options it can be very easy to find yourself overwhelmed by buttons you don’t understand.  This post is more of a reference guide, and less of a blog post;  it's intended to introduce the tools, tricks and terminology without too much of the science behind it so that you can start understanding your own camera better.

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