Merry Christmas 2016!

Hey guys, merry Christmas!

I know you're probably expecting a blog post about how best to shoot your Christmas photos, but this one's going a different direction.  If you're looking for some tips on how to shoot by all means check out this one or this one and apply them.

However, this one's more about just taking in the season.  Too often I've missed out on special moments in life because I've been caught up taking photos or video of the events.  If there's one thing I'm sure I'll come to regret it's that I've spent too much time behind a lens and not enough time taking in the world beyond it.  We can all justify it, we tell ourselves how much it will serve our children, where it will take our professional growth, or how much the end product may be worth to us, but at what cost?  In the end I want to be a part of a life I haven't missed out on.

I love wedding photography, and I love serving in the Canadian Forces as a photographer, but today I'm going to take some me time.  I'm going to unwind with the kids, take a bit of video of them opening their presents, then pack it all away and take in the day.  I don't know who may read this, but I hope you'll have an opportunity to live in the day as well, each day truly is a gift.

To all my military friends, obviously each of us has their own different circumstances on how we'll experience this Christmas season.  I understand how difficult the nature of military life can be at this time of the year; for many of us it can be a really dark and trying time where we feel very alone.  I've dealt with some of the fallout of a military life myself and felt like there weren't any options.  I can tell you though that there definitely are.  If you're feeling the weight of this season on you personally then please talk to someone about it.  The Canadian Forces has a number of great assistance programs designed by people who have served.  Here's a link you may be looking for:

The Canadian Armed Forces Member Assistance Program
(or 1-800-567-5803 for the hearing impaired)

Thanks for taking the time out and supporting Bend the Sun.  May God bless and keep you safe during this Christmas season.

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