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What's In My Deployment Camera Bag

Everyone's always asking, "What's in your bag?" when it comes to weddings, but from time to time I get asked how it's different when I'm deploying with the Canadian Armed Forces.  My answer is usually, "As much value in as little space as I can."  Well as it turns out I'm flying out for a short bit in a couple of weeks, so let's talk about what I've got packed!

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Investing in Pro Lighting Gear

I know how it feels to be frozen in your tracks at B&H staring at some Profoto, Wescott, or Dedolight gear, dreaming of a bank account that could afford your wildest dreams.  It's hard to look away, and it will haunt your every waking moment... alright, I'm being melodramatic, but you get my point.  Here's the thing though, there are many instances where (despite how you may desperately try to justify it to yourself) it's not necessary whatsoever.

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Why I Switched from Canon to Nikon

As a first post I've decided to dive right into the middle of an ugly fight: Canon vs. Nikon.  This being a biased blog, I have start by saying that I'm first and foremost a photographer, not a videographer.  That being said, I do video almost as often, which is a field where Canon really shines in its DSLR's.  This week's blog is on why I still chose Nikon.

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