A Couple of Great Questions

Rings in front of wedding gifts.

Hey guys!  I'm just back from a deployment to New Brunswick on military exercise, and wouldn't you know it one day home and I had to shoot another wedding and an engagement shoot this past weekend!  It's been a crazy past few weeks to say the least.  Anywho, I was talking to another photographer friend of mine this week about the process of booking clients and a few interesting points came up that I thought I'd blog about.

Firstly he noted that I always meet with my clients in person before booking with them and wondered why that was.  Well I'll be entirely honest, Bend the Sun has always been a side business for me, and that means I can afford to be very selective about my clients.  The meeting is an opportunity to reassure the clients of my commitment to their wedding, and see how compatible we will be together.  It's a chance for them to touch base and see if I'm the guy they want next to them all day on arguably the most important day of their lives.  To that end it's also an opportunity for me to test the waters and see if they're crazy.   I'm fortunate enough to be able to support my family with my military career, so I don't want to waste any time away from my incredible wife and kids just to deal with clients who are going to be freaking out.

Secondly, he asked why I don't share full weddings on my website.  Sites like theknot.com and dozens of other sites list hundreds of questions to ask of your photographer before booking, and consistently one of the questions is: "Can I see a full wedding you've shot?"  It's a great question, and it's one you should definitely ask if you haven't already seen their work.  Well my answer to that is two-fold: 1. I don't post full weddings on the site because they're generally over 500 images.  Think about how long that page would take to load on your cell phone data plan.  Also, think about how bored you'd be wading through all the detail photos of centerpieces, jewellery, table settings, and group photos that feature people you don't know.  2. Respect for the clients.  This is their personal day, who am I to share every intimate moment of it like that.  Sure I have the copyrights, but I have to recognize and prioritize my clients above all else.  So to keep it simple, and to respect their privacy, I generally only post a dozen or so images to show a glance of the day and let them choose what they want to share publicly on their own.

However, that being said, this past weekend's bride and groom were a very special couple and I know they won't mind a bit if I post some more images than normal (Plus considering the wedding was only 3 days ago, this has to be some sort of record...)  Jessalyn and Adam are hands-down two of the most entertaining and fun people I've had the honour of working with.  I've never had a couple call me out in their wedding speech and thank me for my work before, but these two did, and I was touched beyond words. The following images are only just over 60 of the 500+ from their wedding, and reflect the type of images customers can expect when they book with us:


Also, here's a little slideshow I created for them featuring a recording I made of their vows and the imagery above.  Enjoy!

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