Quality Matters

Hard work can be really unappealing sometimes.  It's a hard reality that I have to call myself out on at many points when I'm tempted to be lazy, to cut corners, to not put in the work and put out the product that I'm capable of.  Today's post talks about the merits of hard work, what professionalism should mean, and the message you send to everyone when you put out sub-standard products.

What's In My Deployment Camera Bag

Everyone's always asking, "What's in your bag?" when it comes to weddings, but from time to time I get asked how it's different when I'm deploying with the Canadian Armed Forces.  My answer is usually, "As much value in as little space as I can."  Well as it turns out I'm flying out for a short bit in a couple of weeks, so let's talk about what I've got packed!

3 Tips for Getting Great Shots at Events

Let's be honest, not all events are glamorous and fun, but professionalism demands that we do our best every time.  It helps to treat every job as an opportunity to act artistically, and to really nail some great shots.  Here are some tricks to help up your chances.

Why Photography Insurance Should Matter to You

When you're starting out as a photographer insurance seems like one of the least glamorous ways to spend what little money you may have, but it's probably one of the most important investments you can make.  Here are a few things to think about before you dismiss the idea at an early stage.

The Best Single Piece of Advice I Can Give You as a Photographer

If there's one question I hear most often it would be something like this, “I don't have much free time, nor money for better equipment, but I want to take better photos.  Is there something easy I can do?”  There are so many ways I could answer that question, but here's the one that in my experience works best.

The Sharpness Myth

"The story is always king."  That one sentence changed so many things in my perspective on photography.  It was a quick statement in a video I watched, but it hit me like a truck.  Why?  Because the message rings true to almost every element of photography and video.  So today I'm going to talk about how sharpness really doesn't matter as much as you probably think.

My Top 10 Photography Mistakes

Sometimes it's fun to go through some of the worst things you've done.  Take that photo of me for instance.  I don't care what anyone says, that sweater is pure class.  It really brought out the best in my braces.  Anyways, the following list is comprised of poor decisions that I've made at some point as a, "professional."  Hopefully you can laugh at how much of an idiot I can be at times.

How I Became A Professional Photographer

Ever since I was just a kid, I only wanted to be one of two things: 1. A Full-Time Firefighter, or 2. A History teacher.  My life however, took a very strange path that jumped from carpentry, to personal training, to managing a record store, to graduating school for business, and finally joining the military. I obviously missed the mark a bit.  Here's how I wound up finding, and falling in love with, photography.

21 Tips for Sharpness – How To Hit The Sweet Spot

It’s not often that photographers aim to have an out of focus shot.  Yes it can be done tastefully, particularly in artistic contexts, but by and large we aim for the sharpest shots we can get.  Here are 21 tips to help you nail the focus and get tack sharp shots every time.

Keeping It Fun

Photography can be one of the most amazing and fulfilling jobs on the planet.  You get to travel all over, work with incredible people, and capture moments that will last beyond your lifetime.  But the reality of a career in the field can sometimes be really taxing, and even kill the passion.  Here's a short blog post on some of the ways I've found to keep it interesting, challenging, and fun.

Workflow: The Most Important Investment You Can Make

When it comes to wedding photography there are thousands of ways to invest your money.  New lenses, camera bodies, bags, flashes, accessories, they're all ways that you can see dramatic changes in your business, yet one that gets overlooked far too often is workflow.  It's hard to put money into something that won't show up in the form of better photos, but today's post explores why that's exactly where you should invest.

What is Camera Noise?

Camera noise, as wedding photographers it can be the bane of our existence.  There is an argument about the value of noise, the character it adds to a photo, almost a nostalgic throw-back to the days of film grain. Many programs like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One Pro feature filters by which to add noise. But what is it? It's funny how many professional photographers themselves don't know. Today we clear this up and set the record straight.


A Call to Arms: Stand Apart

The world of photography has changed.  Gone are the days where there were only a few options, a select handful of professionals who possess both the skills and the equipment to manage as a professional wedding photographer.  Naturally when we find our niche, most of us draw our lines, we find and try to emulate the photographers that represent the shades of what we want to be ourselves.  Here's a post on the value standing out, and being your own photographer.


Photoshop and Lightroom Photo Restoration

There are few things that truly test your mastery of Photoshop more than restoring a damaged photo.  So, if you really want to grow as a photographer, particularly in the area of post-processing, I'd definitely suggest challenging yourself to restore a damaged photo to print quality.  Here's a little post on a project I had recently with the Army.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Investing in Pro Lighting Gear

I know how it feels to be frozen in your tracks at B&H staring at some Profoto, Wescott, or Dedolight gear, dreaming of a bank account that could afford your wildest dreams.  It's hard to look away, and it will haunt your every waking moment... alright, I'm being melodramatic, but you get my point.  Here's the thing though, there are many instances where (despite how you may desperately try to justify it to yourself) it's not necessary whatsoever.

Putting in the Work

Photographer Tony Corbell once said, "Quality doesn't come easily.  There are no shortcuts and it often requires great sacrifice."  He's totally right, it is a long road, one I hope to keep walking for years to come.  Today's post discusses the process of becoming a professional, on stepping outside of traditional photography rules, and the hours and years it can take before you truly come into your own.

How to Shoot Sharp Handheld Photos with Low Shutter Speeds

The reality of life is that there are going to be times where a tripod isn't an option and you have to go handheld.  I know, I know, it's brutal and unfair; you're tired of raising a fist to the sky, cursing the sun for setting.  I totally get it.  So what can you do?   Today's blog post suggests a few techniques you can use to still get the sharpest shots you possibly can.

Letting the Light Guide You

Light is the most important element in photography. It can make the biggest difference in the quality of the image, and with that it also holds the most influence on the artistic elements when used creatively. Today's post is a short one to keep you inspired to create, and to show you that most situations have an opportunity if you read the light well and experiment.