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Nikon MB-D12 Multi Power Battery Pack

With three options for extending battery life and an increase in frames per second (in crop mode), plus a convenient vertical grip, is this camera accessory worthwhile?  Let's see how it does and doesn't work with in my workflow.

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Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filters

It's strange, for so long I subscribed to the theory that filters only compromised the quality of high-end lenses, but what good is all that quality if you can't expose a photo with a wide aperture on a sunny day?  Some filters absolutely have their value and purposes, particularly if (like me) you have a series of F/1.4 primes that you want to use during sunny wedding days, or for long-exposures in light conditions. 

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X-Rite ColorChecker Passport

Sometimes mixed lighting can be a bit of a mixed bag, but one thing's for certain, if you're professional you want the best color representation both on screen and in print.  Grey cards do a great job, and most post-processing programs are fantastic at adapting to almost anything, so does a product like this have a purpose for how you shoot?  Let's talk about how it works for me.

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