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Peak Design CaptureLENS

It's no surprise that Peak Design has made it once again to my personal kit selection, they seem to be targeting areas that have the potential to make significant differences in wedding photography and photojournalist workflows.  Last time however, I was forced to give one of their products less than stellar reviews.  How does the CaptureLENS hold up in my opinion?  Let's take a look!

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Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filters

It's strange, for so long I subscribed to the theory that filters only compromised the quality of high-end lenses, but what good is all that quality if you can't expose a photo with a wide aperture on a sunny day?  Some filters absolutely have their value and purposes, particularly if (like me) you have a series of F/1.4 primes that you want to use during sunny wedding days, or for long-exposures in light conditions. 

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Nikon 24mm F/1.4

Primes.  They're the stuff of dreams to most photographers.  They force you to get into the action for good composition, but they pay off in spades when it comes to going wide, and boy does this lens go wide. As wide as this lens gets, is it worth how wide it opens your wallet?  Let's find out!

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