Hoodman HoodLoupe


Are you tired of sunlight rendering your LCD useless?  I get it.  So I got it.  Let's talk about how it held up.


Single Sentence Summary

An decidedly inconvenient convenience.

Why I Bought It

I shoot a LOT outdoors.  Weddings and military photojournalism require me to be out in the sun every summer in the blazing sunlight, and the reflection and light levels make it incredibly difficult to see the fine details on the tiny screen.

What I Like

Well this one's particularly short, as it's a very straight-forward device.  It blocks the light.  That's the biggest thing I like about it, and it's also basically its only function.  I like the fact I can focus it with a rotating ring, and how it magnifies the screen, but feature-wise that's just about all it offers.  It does come in a pretty decent case to keep it clean and protect it from damage, and it has a lanyard for convenience which is great for dropping it and going.

What I Don't

Aside from blocking light it really doesn't do much.  I get that it's not designed to do much else, but for the price?  C'mon now.  I feel that for a single lens, some rubber/plastic, and a lanyard, the price is unjustified. They could at least treat us to some other options, or bundle it with some other things we could use to make it worth the cost. Otherwise I think they're just cleaning house with their profit margins.

I don't like how it doesn't attach to the screen and stay there on its own.  I think one of the options it should come with is a built-in magnet or series of magnets to be used in conjunction with a clip-on metal frame that surrounds the screen.  I don't want that feature so much for photos, but rather for video purposes, so that I could use it to monitor exposure while shooting video in live view.

The quality of the lanyard was cheap too.  It broke within weeks of purchase, and I hadn't even used it during a wedding or in military contexts, it was just plain day-to-day use.  They do sell replacements relatively cheap ($6 at present), but I personally won't give them more money on another cheap lanyard.

I don't much enjoy the rubber material either.  I understand the value in the seal from light, but the rubber really grabs onto dirt, hair, and any little thing it can.

Bottom Line

I need to be able to see my screen, that's why I shoot digitally instead of film.  This lets me do it.  Yes, I wish it were better, especially given its price, but it functions.  Meh, it's relatively low cost given how much a 70-200 F/2.8 VR II costs I suppose.  You'll even see it hanging around my neck when I was in Mongolia in my profile photo in the About Me section of the site, I honestly won't leave home without it.



Again, I'm not sponsored.  But I'm sure their score kinda indicated that.  That being said, 6.8 isn't really THAT bad.  It's still worthwhile, but you may want to research some that offer more functions that suit your demands.