GoPro's Karma is Rolling Out Again -- But why?

GoPro Karma drone

Alright, so for those of you who don't know, GoPro had a full recall of its Karma drone line.  It's honestly had the single worst release of any product I've ever seen, it's been absolutely tragic.  It all started with DJI announcing their Mavic drone less than a week after the Karma's announcement, and then was followed-up by a horrible full product recall.  Summed up the Karma's battery latch was faulty and the battery would disconnect mid-air sending the unit crashing to the ground.  You can probably understand how that alone can complicate things for consumers, but when you put in into the context of GoPro's recent nearly 40% drop in revenues,  the fact that they're routinely not even ranked in the top of the over-saturated action camera market, and that they're headed by a CEO and founder whose net worth is ALSO in complete free-fall, I'm thinking the Hero4 Black is the last GoPro I'll personally buy.  Honestly, who wants to invest into a camera company that seems to be tanking?

Well, all of that aside, it seems they've brought their ill-fated Karma drone back.  Though I'm not quite sure why.  I mean honestly, they're stacked up against DJI.  The same company that has been in the drone game with the Phantom for a long while now, and who rocked the Ronin, and is currently rocking the Osmo pretty hard too.  It's as if the Chinese manufacturer just walked into half a dozen niche photography markets yelling, "Come at me bro," and so far there aren't too many contenders.  It's not that I believe that every company in the market should simply throw in the towel, it's more that I feel like struggling with one foot in quicksand is preferable to both feet sinking.

GoPro, despite its floundering market share, and restructuring efforts, seems dedicated to staying the course, refusing to give an inch in pricing from where it was.  It released the Karma at the very same rate as before.  This leaves customers who may have been previously loyal to the brand with little more than hope that this time maybe they'll have gotten it right.  I've invested a good chunk of cash into GoPro myself, with accessories, battery packs, cases, etc., and had nothing but great experiences with their customer service, but I'm not fully convinced anymore.


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