Firstly, you can expect patience and understanding.  We know you're likely new to this, and it all seems a bit overwhelming to some people, but we're very much here to make this as easy as possible.  When you contact us looking to book your special event we'll start off by booking an in-person meeting with your lead photographer/videographer as determined by availability of the date or special request.  To ease the process we set aside this day as just an introduction.  There will be absolutely no paperwork or commitments at the first meeting. The first meeting is just a 'getting to know you,' opportunity for both you and us to get a feel for each other and to establish our relationship. 


Whenever you're ready we'll be here to serve you.  You can book by clicking the booking button at the bottom of any of our pages.  We'll ask a few questions regarding what you're looking for and what dates you have in mind, then we'll be in touch with a date to meet you in person so you can decide about us for yourselves.  If you are contacting us from a distance or are overseas we offer video conferencing or a telephone conference call and we can showcase our imagery online. Here’s an extra button to book with, just in case you can’t find the others:


Well, we used to, but the VAST majority of people who visit our site are cellphone users, and it really slowed down some of their load times. We now show full weddings when we meet up at the first meetings. This way you get the greatest hits, without being annoyed that you had to wait any longer than you needed to just to see photos of place settings, and hair pieces. We hope you can understand. :)


That depends upon many variables, how many photographers you've booked, how long you've booked them for, whether or not you've opted for engagement photoshoots, etc.  Here’s the critical thinking that you should know: I go through everything, pull out duplicates, and of whatever remains, if it is sharp and so long as it is not unflattering, you will receive it. Given those constraints, a reasonable average is around 500 images for a wedding.

However, that number may shift up if you were to add additional shooters. The details of what to expect in terms of finished images will be among the many things addressed in the initial meeting with your photographer or team once we can more accurately assess how many hours you'll be spending with how many members of our team.


Let us be VERY clear with this one about two things: 1. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES, and 2. YOU GET IT ALL.  We've all heard horror stories of the hidden costs of prints that “weren't included” in the package.  That's horrible, and the photographers that do that should be publicly flogged.  We recognize that most couples that come to us are just about to start whole new lives together, the last thing you need is surprise costs.  When you're signing with Bend the Sun we guarantee you high-resolution digital copies of every image we select and edit.  There are no images retained for our personal purposes, you get them all.  Once you have paid your initial retainer and your balance (due a month prior to the wedding date), you will never need to pay us a dime again.  That's our word.  

We will retain copyrights for the images themselves, however you will sign a personal print release which allows you to make as many albums, photobooks, prints, and cards as you please for yourselves.  So long as you're not planning on selling prints or digital copies of the images, you're completely in the clear.


All of our photographers and videographers are seasoned photojournalists, all of whom have had photo and video jobs on different continents.  We thrive on being pulled out of our element, and find it oddly enjoyable.  If you want us to pack a bag and spend a number of days in a gorgeous place with fantastic food, we're strangely OK with that.


He or she simply pops some Tylenol and plows through it.  Our lead photographer Andrew Wesley presently serves as a seasoned military photographer, and former infantryman within the Canadian Armed Forces, as are a number of the shooters on our team.  We understand that some things can't be put on hold just because we've caught a case of the sniffles.  Shy of an act of God the photographer you meet during your initial meeting is absolutely the same person who will shoot your wedding.  Should God however intervene, that's why we work as a team, one of our other shooters will step in.  Our team is comprised of many fully trained and competent professionals who work together and we are quite well networked with many other shooters who are on-call.


We're very much against it.  (Read THIS or watch THIS)  Bottom-line you spend a lot of money paying for everything involved in the wedding and you've invited a number of your closest friends and family to experience the day with you.  We encourage you to insist on them putting the devices down and simply experiencing the day you've dreamed about all your lives.  Nobody's dream is features uncle Fred blocking someone's view of the first kiss because he was convinced that his flip-phone was going to get better photos than the professionals.  Even worse than that, what happens if uncle Fred accidentally completely blocks the photographers you've hired?  You've paid for professional photo coverage, nobody pays professional rates for pictures of a sea of cell phones, and nobody wants to remember their special day that way.