I like playing blues guitar, I love taking photos, and I live for my wife and kids.  My style reflects who I am at the core, a man who likes classic styles and experimenting with subtle modern techniques.  I believe that the best photos are the ones that capture natural moments in a unique and timeless way.  To me, every event is a story to be told through clicks of the shutter; it's the emotion in those moments that gives an image that certain universal quality that connects us all.

Cpl Andrew Wesley seen here serving in the Canadian Armed Forces under the United Nations deployed to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2015.

I also believe in service to others.  I've served as a regular force member in the Canadian Armed Forces since 2007, joining as infantry serving in 3rd Battalion - Royal Canadian Regiment, and later becoming an Image Tech (Photographer).  My photography jobs have taken me all around the world including England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and throughout Asia where I've photographed Prime Ministers, Presidents, and even our own British Royal family.

Take a second to look at some of my military photography HERE.  I also wrote the first ever Canadian Armed Forces photo essay about some of my work in Asia, check it out HERE.  By the way, I'm running a full marathon in May to raise funds for the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.  It's a fantastic facility with a phenomenal team of medical specialists who save lives every day.  Feel free to sponsor me HERE.  Thanks!

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Andrew Wesley

Owner / Lead Photographer


P.S. Here are a few photos of things that bless my life beyond words: my family.
...and my customized Gibson B.B. King signature guitar, "Lucille" (She's family too)